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The Boy Who Sailed the World

In this story we meet a little boy who is captivated by the sea and stories about the sea.  He dreams of having a ship and sailing off to have adventures of his own.  With the magic of storytelling in no time at all he does just that, building himself a boat to sail the […]

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The Marvellous Granny Jinks and Me

This is the first title in an appealing series aimed at newly confident readers and focussing on Jada and her beloved Granny Jinks.  When Jada finds a box of magic tricks in her Granny’s flat, she discovers her Granny’s secret dream of becoming a magician.  With the help of new friend Tilda, and Luna the […]


Elephant Island

A new book by Leo Timmers is something to celebrate and his latest, an eccentric seafaring extravaganza with a big heart, has all the makings of a classic. The storyline is simple: as other vessels and their crews join a shipwrecked elephant on a tiny rock, bigger and more elaborate constructions must be created to […]


Blob Fish

Part touching tribute to friendship and part raising awareness of pollution in our oceans, Blob Fish follows the eponymous protagonist on his quest to find someone to share in his quirky sense of humour. The picture book opens, after a lovely playful hint of Blobfish through the use of endpapers, with a gull’s-eye view of […]

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No More Peas

Oliver does not like vegetables. His choice of dinner would be pizza, or burgers or meatballs, but his Daddy keeps giving him carrots, or broccoli or, worst of all, peas! The family dog is being very well fed, as Oliver makes it clear he does not want to eat any of the healthy offerings. Will […]

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The Friendly Mammoth

Mansi loves going to the museum, but she’s the only visitor without a friend and can’t shake off her loneliness. In a gallery she notices a solitary mammoth on a plinth. “Shall I draw you a friend?” she asks, and as her picture takes shape, Mansi imagines whirling snow. Before she knows what’s happening, she’s […]

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Nature is an Artist

In a time when we are witnessing funding for the arts being constricted, it is good to know that literature for children will always be there to provide that rich connection. A dedication from Lavallee ‘To Terry and Fred, with love – for showing me there is wonder in all places if you only remember […]


Spin Me Right Round

Seventeen year old Luis is a homosexual in America of the 2020s. He is extremely annoyed that the principle of his school will not allow two boys to date each other at the Prom. There is a freak accident with a piece of theatrical stage material during which Luis suffers a head injury. As a […]

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The Stranded

The Arcadia is an entire state, a place of extremes ranging from the living places of the privileged elite to those of the gangs of its underworld. But it is not a state with borders; it is a vast sea-going liner, once designed for luxury cruises. Now it is the home of the abandoned. Forty […]