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The Outrage  

Chapter One. We’re in a Grammar School classroom of 17-year-olds, 30 years on from our present. Most young people in this world ‘graduate’ at 13, and if they get work at all it will be in a job so punishing that their bodies, and their minds, are worn out by their early 20s. The students […]


Splinters of Sunshine

Spey and his Mum have always been a self-sufficient unit with no father figure on the horizon. Lawrence creates their close relationship beautifully, walking the fine line between love and sentimentality in fine style. There’s arch humour, openness and an awareness of Black issues which is rooted in Spey but which succeeds in avoiding dogma. […]


The Trial

Oak Ridge High School is an elite American institution with a touring basketball team and a squad of cheerleaders. The basketball team is male, the cheerleaders are all female. On the way back from a countrywide tour on the private jet belonging to the rich family of one of the players the aircraft crashes. By […]


In the Wild Light

Cash and Delaney are best friends. Cash’s mother has died some years before the story opens as a result of a drug overdose. Cash is haunted by the memory of his mother’s death. The mother of Delaney is currently addicted to drugs. Cash lives with his maternal grandparents, whom he adores. His father is notably […]


The Sound of Everything

Kadie Hunte is, by her own admission, a difficult character – but then she has every reason to be. She has lived in a succession of foster homes since her mother died and her father vanished from her life and she has learned that trust is a risky commodity, likely to bring with it a […]


The Upper World

Fadugba has said in interview that he wants his writing both to entertain and to educate. The Upper World is his attempt to do both those things: quantum physics and London street life collide in a quest to travel to the future and change one single moment. The book has dual narrators – Esso in […]


Julia and the Shark

Almost 10-year-old Julia is uprooted from Cornwall to a lighthouse in the Shetlands. Once there she establishes a relationship with Kin, a lone bullied boy her own age. Her father repairs the lighthouse and her equally adoring mother continues with her work as a gifted marine biologist. So far, so agreeable, but Hargrave wants to […]


A Different Sort of Normal

This book is a semi-autobiographical non-fiction story about living with autism and about the realisation on the part of the protagonist Abi that she is not only autistic but also gay. The journey that the reader undertakes with Abi is gloriously non-linear. The narrative follows the somewhat erratic course of Abi’s thoughts as one line […]

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Shadow Town

Toby Parker is loathed by his classmates. It’s not hard to see why; he makes unfunny jokes at their expense in class, he hates everything about his school, he longs to make a friend yet when he’s reached out and tried ‘to use some words they came out wrong’. 13-year-old Toby is desperate for his […]


No Man’s Land

Mrs King has a job on her hands. She’s teaching Year 6 (including Alan) about the terrors of World War I – from soldiers’ rotten feet and rats as big as cats in the trenches to Franz Ferdinand and how it all started. ‘Wars don’t come from nowhere,’ she says. That’s important to Year 6 […]

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Found Book Author


The Amazing Edie Eckhart

Edie Eckhart is 11 years old. She and her best friend Oscar, from whom she is inseparable – or so she thinks – are due to start secondary school very soon. Edie also has cerebral palsy. She can walk but her gait is described by the author as a bit wobbly. When she and Oscar […]

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The Song that Sings Us

This is a dystopia with a difference. Like many authors, Nicola Davies offers a warning of where our present might lead us in the future, but she also suggests a time that never was. Back then, even if we could not talk to the animals like Dr Dolittle, some of us could at least listen […]