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…the plight of asylum seekers in Yarl’s Wood detention centre. From these, he has made a story about an Afghan boy and his mother fleeing the Taliban; their friendship with…



…the heart of ‘Bedlam’. She is rescued by a mysterious boy, Kos, when she almost drowns in the flooded cellars of the old building. Is Kos one of the asylum-seekers


Kicked Out

…the spot. Aadam is attempting to pay a lawyer to negotiate his appeal for an asylum application, so he does need quite a lot of money, but of course he…


The Hollow People

…‘The Promises of Dr Sigmundus’ trilogy. Pronounced a dangerous inmate of the Tarnagar asylum, Dante Cazabon’s mother committed suicide leaving her son orphaned and under the care of asylum staff….


The Journey

…me having taught in London schools where asylum seekers and refugees enriched our lives as they shared their personal stories with us. Every child, and every adult should read and…



…local community. There are no high powered chases or international criminal masterminds; rather we are presented with the desperation faced by many asylum seekers as they struggle to make themselves…


Give Me Shelter

…of fictional narratives about young refugees written by those who have themselves been asylum seekers and by those who have worked with them. Although fictional, their stories are grounded in…


Christophe’s Story

…with both troubled children in institutions and asylum seekers. This experience informs a sensitive book which, in addition to tackling a delicate subject, has the added responsibility of making it…


Girl with a White Dog

…Booth sets the brutal practices of the Nazis alongside contemporary prejudices towards immigrants, asylum seekers, the disabled, anyone weaker or less popular than yourself in school. Her Author’s Note confirms,…


Girl Underground

asylum seekers in Australia. The story is told by Bridget, and her first-person narrative draws the reader in from the very first line. The book is packed with a variety…


Ruby Tanya

…even worse. The story concerns a village with an asylum seekers’ camp on its outskirts. Ruby Tanya, the 12-year-old British heroine, has her best friend there. But her stupid, prejudiced…


Bird Boy

…gripping and profound novel does indeed cover big issues like death, grief, mental health, asylum seekers lives and threats to nature, but ultimately it is a life enhancing book about…


Me, In Between

…waiting anxiously for news of their application for asylum; ‘family’ means Dad, Mum, Madina, seven-year-old brother Rami, and silent, hostile Aunt Amina. Only Madina has a growing competence in German,…