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The State of Grace

…reminded of Lois Keith’s A Different Life, the story of a girl who becomes a wheelchair user written by an author who is herself a wheelchair user. The publishing house…


The Burning

…of Scotland where Anna now lives. Anna studies the trial of the witch Maggie Morgan with the help of Glen, a historian who is also a wheelchair user. Bates makes…



…spread whether they are vignettes showing snapshot actions or bold double-page spreads full of colour and movement. That his young protagonist is a wheelchair user is irrelevant; this is a…


Child of Galaxies

…Kickstarter Campaign which raised £15,000 and sold 500 books. Families from diverse backgrounds are depicted throughout, and a wheelchair-user is shown enjoying a visit to a gallery with her family….


In Her Element

…a girl named Amber, who is also a wheelchair user, but who is verbal and much stronger than Sophie. Amber used to be a competitive swimmer, though her swimming career…


Future Girl

…displayed. Two of the other characters in the book are also disabled. One is deaf and the other is a wheelchair user. They both exert a truly positive influence on…


Thirteen Days of Midnight

…be as squeamish as this reviewer. Finally, as a wheelchair user myself, I was dismayed by one character’s suggestion that finding oneself in a wheelchair was a destiny that made…


I Have No Secrets

…hands are too seriously affected to use sign language. So she exists incommunicado. Jemma is a fulltime user of a manual wheelchair. The condition of her arms makes it necessary…


Again, Again

…very worried about her many-layered relationship with younger brother Toby, back in Baltimore in a rented house with their Mom. Toby’s in rehab – a recovering user. That’s it for…


Scars Like Wings

…to that of Ava. Her friend Piper also bears the marks of fire, as a result of a car crash. Piper is now a wheelchair user with spinal injury and…