This issue’s cover illustration is from Elmer’s Weather by David McKee. Thanks to Andersen Press for their help with this July cover.

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Mackenzie Crook on The Lost Journals of Benjamin Tooth

Mackenzie Crook on The Lost Journals of Benjamin Tooth

Mackenzie Crook on his new book The Lost Journals of Benjamin Tooth and the special treasure hunt contained within the pages.

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Book of the week

Finding a Voice: Friendship is a Two-Way Street (10-14 Middle/Secondary)

Kim Hood

(The O'Brien Press)
240pp, 978-1847175434, RRP £6.99, Paperback

‘One, two, three, four’ Jo counts the steps from her home to her hideout, a derelict cabin by a river. The counting gives her some control over the chaos of her home life.

Latest Reviews

Buckle and Squash and the Monstrous Moat-Dragon (8-10 Junior/Middle)

Sarah Courtauld
(Macmillan Children's Books)

208pp, 978-1447255550, RRP £5.99, Paperback

Lavender and Eliza live with their Grandma at Old Tumbledown Farm in the ‘Middle of Nowhere’. Both sisters dream of escaping their mundane lives. Lavender loves fairy tales and dreams of being rescued by a Prince and living happily ever after; Eliza of adventures in distant lands vanquishing monsters and dragons.

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Bluebird (5-8 Infant/Junior)

Bob Staake

40pp, 978-1783441853, RRP £6.99, Paperback

This wordless picture book, with a Manhattan setting portrays the developing friendship between a boy and the Bluebird of the title.

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The Tornado Chasers (10-14 Middle/Secondary)

Ross Montgomery
(Faber & Faber)

288pp, 978-0571298426, RRP £6.99, Paperback

Ross Montgomery’s first book was shortlisted for the Branford Boase and the Costa Book Award and he follows it up with this humorous take on the restrictions placed on children in the name of safety

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A new UK project will aim to identify some of the very best children’s books from around the world and bring them to the attention of UK audiences. Books will be selected based on their ability to engage ALL children, including those with additional needs.

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Tony MittonTony Mitton has won the 2014 CLPE Poetry Award for his book Wayland, The Tale of the Smith from the Far North, illustrated by John Lawrence and published by David Fickling Books. Mitton, who has been shortlisted for the award twice before, joins a group of highly regarded previous winners including Jackie Kay, John Agard, George Szirtes and Rachel Rooney. The CLPE Poetry Award is the only prize for published children’s poetry in the UK.

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C J FloodC. J. (Chelsey) Flood and her editor Venetia Gosling have won the 2014 Branford Boase Award given annually to the author and editor of the outstanding debut novel for children, for Infinite Sky published by Simon & Schuster.

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